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What is food without a great wine? Here are a few of our favourites...
19th Feb 2018

Our top 5's:

Dave and Alicia's Best :
  1 : Tetsuya's
  2 : Attica
  3 : Vue de Monde
  4 : Bistro Guillaume
  5 : Rockpool Bar and Grill
Lachie & Sarah's Picks :
  1 : Attica
  2 : Jacques Reymond
  3 : The Lake House
  4 : Pearl
  5 : Matteo's

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Lachie's Mai Tai


- shot of light rum
- half a shot of coitreau
- tropical juice
- ice

pour into glass and layer dark rum on top.
Adjust amount of juice and dark rum depending on how strong you like it.
Sit back, and pretend you're in Hawaii.
Write-up by Lachie

Variety: Rum
Price range:
Coldstream Hills 2004 Reserve Chardonnay


White wine
The $50 price tag is a tad more than what I would generally spend on Chardonnay, but this one I think is worth the money. The beautifully toasty oak nose, and the lingering buttery finish make this an outstanding wine in my book.
Write-up by Lachie

Variety: Chardonnay
Price range: $50
Skillogalee 2008 Clare Valley Riesling


White wine
A particularly good example of what Clare does best, it went very well with the Thai spiced quail we had on podcast number 10. Slightly floral on the nose with lime and citrus flavours on the palate, but not so much that you feel like you're drinking lemon juice! One to keep an eye out for.
Write-up by Dave

Variety: Riesling
Price range: Around the $20 mark
Macedon LD Extended Lees aged Cuvée VII NV


Sparkling wine
Possibly Australia's best sparkling. On lees for around 9 years, it is a stunning wine. I put it on equal footing to French champagnes in the same price range. If you're not a real sparkling fan and can't really justify the expense then the cheaper Macedon NV Brut Cuvée XII NV is a great option at $49 cellar door (though seen much cheaper at some bottleshops).
Write-up by Lachie

Variety: Brut Cuvée
Price range: $115
Warrenmang 2004 Estate Shiraz


Red Wine
Something for when you get tired of Barossa and Heathcote, this is a big Shiraz for big Shiraz lovers. Plenty of dark fruit flavours, hints of chocolate and a long dry finish. Enjoy with a good cut of beef.
Write-up by Dave

Variety: Shiraz
Price range: $50/bottle



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